Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Joseph Project "Love thy Neighbor"

The coronavirus is on everyone’s mind. We understand. It’s a scary thing. Perhaps the ones most affected by it are the elderly and shut-ins. Praying for them is a great thing, but sometimes God wants us to put “feet to our prayers.” Operation Love Thy Neighbor is part of the Joseph Project, a ministry of Operation Renewed Hope and we want to help.

The following is an example information sheet which your church can use to inform the church members of “OPERATION LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.”

What’s the plan?

Put together “care packages” for the elderly and shut-ins.

What’s in a care package?

A care package needs to be something that contains non-perishable essentials to help those in our community who need our help. It can contain:

A roll or two of toilet paper

        A bottle of hand sanitizer

        Ramen noodles

        Canned goods

        Easy-to-make boxed foods (like mac and cheese)

        A book to read

        Crossword puzzles

        Anything you can spare

How big is a care package?

A care package should be a single box or paper bag small enough for one person (especially an elderly person) to carry by themself.

How can I help?

        You can donate items for the boxes.

        You can donate empty boxes for us to fill.

        You can provide names and contact info of people in your area that you know could use this kind of help.

What is the goal?

The goal is to help at least 100 people.

When and where can I help/donate?

Bring boxes, donations and contact info to

Address of donation site (Church)

Come by on: have times people can drop by to donate

Questions? Call 000-000-0000


The Logistics

BEFORE beginning this task, each Pastor will need to contact their local Emergency Management Director. This may be found by calling their town office, or local police department non-emergency number.

·       Explain to the director that your church, as an essential organization, wants to help the community by providing aid and relief.

·       Explain that you will not have large gatherings, but rather organized collection and distribution.

Assign a designated shopper is donations are not enough.

Assign three to five individuals to help with the packing process.

Establish a DRIVE-BY collection site where individuals can drive by or walk by, with their vehicles and drop off any of a list of items. (If necessary, deliver)

Establish a small list of items: Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer, Canned or boxed food, etc.

Establish collection times with workers.

Establish an entrance outside of your church building to disinfect all items. Items should not enter your church building unless they have been disinfected.

Establish a room in your church to sort and pack items. Only allow individuals who are NOT sick to enter this room.

Ask people to donate boxes or bags for distribution, however it is recommend that you order.


DO not distribute in plastic bags, the CDC does not recommend plastic as the Covid-19 virus lives on plastic.

Establish a phone number or internet form for people who need a box delivered to them.

Have team members willing to deliver. These can be separate members from the sorting and cleaning team.

Have a set delivery time each week. Perhaps your church members will drive by the church on Tuesday evening at 5:00 and pick up packages to deliver.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that the gospel be included in every package. Use Gospel tracts.

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